Direct Cremation

You can have a low cost, private, dignified funeral when you choose direct cremation.

For many, direct cremation releases the family from the time pressures associated with a traditional funeral, and gives them an opportunity to create a more meaningful memorial ceremony later.

Here is how direct cremation works:

After the Doctor has issued the Medical Cause of Death Certificate and released the body, we carefully wrap the body in a soft cotton shroud and take them to our mortuary facility.

A member of our team then arranges to see you at home or in our funeral home to talk through what will happen and complete any necessary paperwork. An ‘Application for Cremation’ is a legal requirement which we can help you to complete.

You will need to register the death at the Register Office in the district where the death occurred. (By law usually only the next of kin can register the death.)

On the day of the funeral

On the day of the funeral we gently place the person who has died in a simple wood veneered coffin and take them directly to a local crematorium for a cremation without ceremony.

We can tell you when this is happening if you wish to hold a time of private remembrance. The ashes will be returned to you the next day, or can be scattered in the Garden of Remembrance at the crematorium.

If you feel you need a specific time and place to say goodbye, you may decide to have a farewell ceremony at home or at a hired venue, or with the ashes afterwards at a favourite place – wherever and whenever you choose.

Direct Cremation

Services and costs:

  • Completion of all necessary paperwork
  • Collection of the person who has died from hospital
  • Simple wood veneered coffin with cotton shroud.
  • Coffin transport to the crematorium
  • Crematorium Fees for Direct Cremation   (no-one attends)
  • Ashes collected and returned to you or scattered in the crematorium’s memorial garden

Cost  £1,395.00 all inclusive

Compared to a simple funeral there are lower costs for the arrangements, a special reduced rate at a local crematorium for direct cremation – and no minister’s fee.