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Q. Where can I find more information when somebody dies?

A. The Natural Death Centre gives independent advice on all funeral related matters. visit their website (link) or call their helpline on 01962 712690

Q. Can I help in some or all the ceremony, decorating the coffin, carrying the coffin?

A. Yes I encourage family and friends to help at any stage of the journey.

Q. Who has to take the service?

A. It is not a legal requirement for a Minister of religion to carry out a funeral service. The ceremony can be led by a family member, friend or a Celebrant. It is your decision and I encourage families to discuss matters with two or three suitable officiants so that you feel comfortable with that person. I can offer guidance and contact details.

Q. Can we play our own music at the ceremony?

A. Yes most venues have suitable equipment to play CD’s, while some have facilities to plug anIpod. If required I have a portable player that can be played anywhere.

Registering A Death - How Do I do this?

Q. Who Should Register the Death and When?

A. Once the ‘Medical Certificate of Cause of Death’ has been issued, this should be taken to the Registrar of Births and Deaths. This will enable the registration to take place which, by law, must be done within five days of the death. The ‘Medical Certificate of Cause of Death’ will more often be issued by the GP who attended the deceased during their illness.

The certificate will be collected from the surgery if the deceased passed away at home and you should call the surgery to arrange this. However, if the death occurred in hospital then the Patients Affairs Office should be contacted to arrange collection from them. There is no charge payable for this certificate.

Generally speaking the person who should register a death can be any one of the following:

If the death has been reported to the Coroner, then registration cannot take place until we, or the Coroner, informs you. There may be a different procedure to registration if a Coroner is involved, and we’ll guide you on these variations should they arise. The Coroner’s procedures can often seem complicated and difficult to understand.

We cover the whole of Surrey and when requested the UK also. We can assist with repatriation from or to the UK.